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Erb Transporte Employee quiz

Erb Transporte Environment quiz

Welcome to our Erb Environment Quiz.

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Which animal species is threatened with extinction?

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Which of these animal products (in kilos) is most harmful to the climate?

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Particulate matter…

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Not leaving appliances on standby is an obvious measure. But what else can you do to improve your carbon footprint?

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What is the difference between a strawberry in June and one in December?

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Which fruit or vegetable (in kilos) is more climate-friendly than the others?

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Where does the term sustainability actually come from?

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How many sustainability goals were set in the 2030 Agenda?

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By how many degrees has the temperature already risen since industrialization?

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According to the Paris Climate Agreement, how much should the global temperature rise be limited to in any case in order to ensure development that is resilient to the consequences of climate change?

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Which countries are included in the Paris climate agreement?

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How much of the food produced worldwide is thrown away?

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If the same person participates multiple times, only the first participation will be valid.
Legal recourse is excluded. If several participants have the maximum number of correct answers, the draw decides.
Only Erb Transporte employees are eligible to participate.



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