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Our guidelines are deeply anchored in the DNA of our company. It is not for nothing that we refer to this philosophy as our company heritage.

E – Enthusiasm

Nothing inspires us more than solving the logistical challenges of our customers. A claim that we want to redeem with every new order.

R – Respect & consideration

 We are aware of our responsibility as a logistician: By using an environmental management system (EMS), we commit ourselves to carrying out our activities in the most environmentally friendly way possible and to environmental protection principles such as the obligation to continuously improve the system and environmental performance, compliance with legal requirements and other binding ones apply obligations in the context of our business.

B – Best efficient

Our goal: maximum customer satisfaction through the use of the latest technologies and the constant optimization of our service portfolio. For this reason, we have had our company procedures and processes certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In addition, we are approved as a regulated agent for air freight under the identifier DE/RA/01367-01 and thus make an essential contribution to the secure supply chain.

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