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Air freight

Centrally coordinated from a single source – this is how we take over the transport of your time- and handling-sensitive air freight for you. From picking up your goods, to preparing for necessary freight and security checks, to personal handover at the destination. And best of all: as an approved regulated agent, we not only implement the principle of the secure supply chain in the air freight sector, we also accelerate it!

Air Charter Service

We offer our customers an exclusive air charter service. If necessary we will charter a jet for your urgent consignment.  Our on-board courier service provides a flight courier as a personal bodyguard for your consignment to ensure its smooth and safe flight. From collection to personal handover at the destination, our air chart service offers utmost safety.


Erb Transporte is a regulated agent.

In the air freight field, the principle of a secure delivery chain applies. Erb Transporte GmbH is authorised as a regulated agent by the German Aviation Office. As part of the safe delivery chain we can optimise considerably the legally prescribed procedures and logistical processes.


  • As soon as we have collected your consignment it is ‘safe’ with us.
  • By avoiding time-consuming security checks at the airport, we can save you time and money.
  • Maximum safety: certified by the Federal Aviation Authority.
  • We provide the complete service: logistical pre and onward shipping

Our RegB-No: DE/RA/01367-01

On Board Courier

Some shipments are so valuable that you don’t want to give them out of your hands. That’s why we offer you our accompanied On Board Courier Service – a kind of bodyguard for your shipment. Our OBC employee ensures that the shipment is handed over personally at the destination. Our OBC crew is ready for you day and night – stationed at the most important airports in Europe. Everything is integrated into our strong network for the realization of all pre-carriage and post-carriage.

Next Flight Out

We offer our Next Flight Out Service for urgent shipments with a particularly critical deadline window. The transport will then take place on the next possible outbound flight. Sound easy? It is. Because we take care of the entire process. We pick up the goods and deliver them to the nearest airport. In the meantime, we organize the corresponding declaration from our air freight center in Vaihingen/Enz and plan the optimal flight to the destination airport.

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