The use of modern and efficient technology is crucial for contemporary logistics solutions. We offer our customers an outstanding performance feature:  an innovative GPS-assisted telematics system that ensures the optimal connection of order management, route planning, drivers and scheduling interfaces.

That makes us unique and has advantages that
our customers benefit from.

  • Utmost transparency in operational procedures
  • Proactive monitoring for optimised processes
  • Realtime shipment tracking and logged route tracking
  • Immediate status updates (eg. delivery messages)
  • Mobile data communication for greater security and process precision



  • Headquarter Vaihingen / Enz

    Planckstraße 9, 71665 Vaihingen / Enz
    Telefon: 07042 8189-0

  • Niederlassung München

    Ringstr. 40, 82223 Eichenau
    Telefon: 08141 66645-0