Erb Transporte GmbH specialises in time-critical transport solutions. For over 25 years we’ve been ensuring that orders reach their destination as quickly as possible. We specialise in direct and special journeys throughout Europe, temperature-controlled transport and high-value vehicle transport.

Our service relies on the high availability of our own fleet, which includes all categories of vehicles. From our locations in Vaihingen / Enz and Munich, but coordinated centrally, we offer a one-stop comprehensive service. Contact us and send an enquiry! We look forward to hearing from you!



  • Vaihingen / Enz Headquarter
    Planckstraße 9, 71665 Vaihingen / Enz
    Telephone: +49 (0) 7042 8189-0
  • Munich office
    Ringstr. 40, 82223 Eichenau
    Telephone: +49 (0) 8141 66645-0
  • Budapest office
    Erb Transporte Kft
    Közdűlő út 1
    HU-1186 Budapest
    Telefon: ++36 (0) 30 6245159
Direktfahrten und Sonderfahrten

Our direct and special journeys are always the option if your shipment needs to arrive at its destination as quickly as possible, directly and without detours. Our distribution logistics conduct your shipments and courier journeys within 60 minutes throughout Germany. Throughout Europe in the fastest time. Flexible, capacity-secure and without restrictions on weight.


Our vehicle transport is ideal for special vehicles which you’re reluctant to trust to anyone.  Vehicle prototypes, racing cars and unique vehicles will be safe with us.  Our vehicle transport use our special transporters to ensure the utmost safety, transparency, discretion and precision.  If you have to handover your pride and joy for transportation, you can rely on us.

Air Charter Service

We offer our customers an exclusive air charter service. If necessary we will charter a jet for your urgent consignment.  Our on-board courier service provides a flight courier as a personal bodyguard for your consignment to ensure its smooth and safe flight. From collection to personal handover at the destination, our air chart service offers utmost safety.

Temperaturgeführte Transporte

Our high-speed special delivery service is also available in the field of temperature-controlled transport.  We deliver shipments in the temperature range of +16 to +30  degrees in our specially equipped fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles.  High quality staff and faultless GPS monitoring ensure the utmost safety and transparency for temperature-controlled transport.


As a specialist in time-critical transportation, we ensure that urgent shipments reach their destination as quickly as possible.  Throughout Germany and Europe.  It’s irrelevant to us whether it needs to go from Turin to London, for example, or Berlin to Stuttgart, or the other way.  Our supply logistics mean that production stoppage can be avoided in the case of supply shortage.


Pharmaceutical logistics faces growing challenges from the EU Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines.  Our special pharmaceutical service places us in an optimal position in the pharmaceutical logistics field.


Save time:
The fastest collection of consignments in Germany and throughout Europe

We are available for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day

All types of vehicle available at any time

Shipment status and process can be tracked at all times

Independent of the location:
Network of partners and collection of consignments throughout Europe